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Meet dandy, the first milk jar created and our most popular in the line up.

Top notes of rich mahogany and blood orange with mid notes of golden amber. Refreshing pine and a touchy of smokey firewood is blended in to reminisce the great outdoors.

Scented with fine fragrance oils.

  • 50-55 hour burn time

  • natural soy wax & wood wick

  • hand-poured with love in Calgary

  • $1 from every candle is donated to G.R.I.T. Calgary Society

  • milk jar candle company inc.

    proudly made in calgary, ab canada


    • make sure your wick is trimmed to between 1/8″ – 3/16″ / 3.2mm – 4.8mm before lighting. if the wick is too long, the wax will not pull up the wick and the wick will extinguish. the melted wax is the fuel to the flame!

    • make sure your candle is at room temperature before lighting. lighting a cold candle can cause tunneling.

    • during the first light, you may need to hold your lighter or match to your wick for several seconds until the combustion process of the candle is stabilized and the fuel from the wax keeps the flame alight.

    • wooden wicks do need a little attention and tending to before each burn. be sure to gently snap off the ash or burnt wood along the top edge of the wick and then light as usual.

    • if when burning the candle for a long period of time you notice the flame height getting too low, it may be necessary to tap off any excess ash or burnt wood along the top of the wick. the flame will then return to its proper optimal height.

    • if your melt pool has not reached the edge of the glass after an hour of burning, tap off the excess ash on the wick to encourage a bigger flame. give it some more time and do not fret! if it looks like it is on the right path, it probably will get there!

    • do not pour wax out to improve the height of your flame or swirl it around the edge if your melt pool has not reached the glass; this could end up tunneling your candle and cause your wick to drown.

    • if your candle has tunnelled, you can fix it by scooping out the wax that is stuck to the glass with a spoon. scoop enough out to the level of the melt pool or below to prevent further drowning of the wick.

    • try not to let any debris from the wick (or anything else) fall into the candle.

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